LCA – Life Cycle Assessment

What is an LCA?

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Life Cycle Assessment

Definining LCA…

The life cycle assessment assures the concept of sustainability measurable by a holistic analysis.

Life Cycle Assessment studies are conducting according to guidelines stated in ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards globally. The concept of Life Cycle Assessment is to evaluate the impacts from any given material or activity which is gathered of raw materials from the nature until where all residuals are returned to the earth. Life Cycle Assessment is a tool to assess the environmental impacts and resources used throughout a product's life cycle from raw material acquisition, via production and use phases, to waste management.

LCA vs Corporate Carbon Footprint

By contrast with Corporate Carbon Footprint, an LCA takes into consideration all operations, GHGs and environmental impacts which are not controlled by the commissioning company as well. This includes supply chain, distribution and use of a products and end-of-life considering waste managements, recycle and disposal.

LCA Benefits

An LCA contributes and improves the added value of the products and services.


History and Advantages

Life Cycle Assessment studies become more of an issue in the last 2 decades. At present, from water we drink to building components, LCA studies are being conducted in a wide range of product group.

LCA studies conducted within a product and/or production line scope have been brought to a wider perspective by service providers and manufacturers in order to evaluate whole potential environmental impacts of their products and/or services with a cradle to grave scope.

Contribution and advantages of LCAs may be identified as followings:

  • Measuring and managing the environmental sustainability of products and production systems throughout the various life cycle stages
  • Assign of significant environmental impacts of products at each stage of life cycle
  • Determination of the environmental effects separately at each stage of production processes and determination of hot-spots contributing to these environmental effects
  • To improve the potential and help the decision-making process for future investments
  • The comparison of the sustainability of the products in the production and the application of the improvements in the products.
  • A road-map for sustainability management; risk and potential liability management
  • Promote the low potential Environmental impact product demand in the market
  • Optimization of supply chain management and competition advantage
  • Increased return on investments

LCA Stages

Big number of LCA Project conducted by SEMTRIO is «A first» in the World.

Impact Assessment in Every Stage

An applicative tool to understand the demands and gain traction of the stakeholders, employees, investors, suppliers and customers. In order to reduce the emissions and impacts, LCA help to motivate employees, improve brand value, and can support suppliers and customers to reduce their emissions as well. LCA helps to understand the unproductivity in your internal processes and in cost savings.

Defining LCA Stages

  1. 1- Raw Materials: Extraction of natural resources and production of intermediates.
  2. 2- Production: Manufacturing of the main products and services.
  3. 3- Consumer/Use: After the product and/or service leave the manufacturing gate.
  4. 4- Disposal: End-of-life of the products.
  5. 5- Recycle: After use phase, products can be a part of another system as an input.
  6. 6- Transportation: Including all stages logistic of the product and/or service.

Cradle to Grave

In an LCA study, accounting conducted with a «cradle to grave» approach.

LCA Software

In LCA studies completeness and technology coverage of the Life Cycle Inventory databases are a significant input for the LCA quality. In a LCA study, databases represents the quality of assessment and should be updated regularly. Otherwise LCA studies do not provide the correct result and may not be verified by individual verifiers. We, therefore, use of choice LCA software SimaPro and most comprhensive Life Cycle Inventory Database Ecoinvent.

SEMTRIO uses SimaPro for LCA studies. SimaPro

LCA Inputs / Outputs

In LCA studies minimum 99% of the inputs shall be taken into account in order to have accurate results. This is why SEMTRIO conducts a site inspection to analyse the processes and make a quality assessment after having completed the methodology and modelling. Impact assessment comes after all those stages have been completed. LCA studies covers the all unit processes within a cradle to grave approach.

LCA Phases per ISO 14040/44

SEMTRIO, provides a comprhensive LCA study fast and provides excellent results.

4 Phases of LCA

1- Goal and Scope

  • a) Functional/Declared Unit
  • b) System Baundry

2- Life Cycle Inventory

  • a) Data Collection
  • b) Primary Data
  • c) Secondary Data

3- Life Cycle Impact Assessment

  • a) Calculation Methods
  • b) Environmental Impacts

4- Life Cycle Interpretation

  • a) Evaluation of Environmental Impacts
  • b) Sensitivity and Uncertainty Checks

LCA Processes

  • 1- Targeted Application
  • 2- Assumptions and Limitations
  • 3- Reasons to conduct the LCA
  • 4- LCA Communication
  • 5- Impact Assessment
  • 6- Targeted Results

LCA Communication

EPDs as practical communication tools for LCA studies, SEMTRIO is also at your service with EPD processes.

EDP Definition

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products.

For more information about EPD, please visit…

EPD – Environmental Product Declarations

EPD – Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations is based on the standard of ISO 14025 and conducted in accordance with LCA directives of ISO 14040/44 guidelines and EN 15804 norms for construction products. An EPD is created and registered in the framework of a programme operator, such as the International EPD® System, BRE - Greenbook Live and IBU platforms.

Beyond LCA

SEMTRIO perform the communication of your LCA and PR operations to all your stakeholders.

We aware…

We know more of this is demanding, therefore SEMTRIO is not only a sustainability consultancy company. Making your LCA more efficient, making a great PR and communication, making your products and services known better are our goal and we work with your customers, affiliates and stakeholders together.

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