Environmental Product Declaration

What is an EPD?

SEMTRIO, created «a first» in the World EDPs with industry wide.

What is an EPD?

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products.

Known as “Type III Environmental Labels» EPDs created and published per ISO 14025 and PCRs(Product Category Rules) on The International EPD System, IBU, BRE - Greenbook Live.

What is an EPD?

EPDs per sector

EPDs can be published for all products from all sectors. Products that has published EPDs can contribute LEED and BREEAM Green Building Certification Systems. Big number contruction products have publihes EPDs and become preferred brands in the market.

Main sectors for EPDs are:

EPDs per sector

EPD Publishing Processes?

SEMTRIO partnerships with all EPD Programme Operators

EPD Processes

EPD Processes Management

  Activities and product groups to be processed are determined within the scope of the study. Semtrio LCA consultants deliver information about the project, the benefits of the work, how to make the communication, explains how the project will be executed, plans-program-procedure and project end dates are set. Following this view, Semtrio consultants conduct an inspection at the manufacturing plant to review the production flow and to determine the life cycle system boundaries of the products.

  The project starts with the Life Cycle Inventory study by sending the data collection template to the company about raw materials, energy consumption, transportation, waste amounts and waste generation related to production.

  Production processes are modelled in SimaPro software as the actual production lines. After modelling, the results obtained from the software are evaluated according to the PCR – a document provided by the EPD programme operator that outlines the LCA methodology for the product group. An LCA report is prepared according to the PCR and sent to the third-party verifiers accepted by EPD programme operators.

  EPD Documents, which are based on background LCA reports, prepared by Semtrio in-house Graphical Design team including technical specifications of products, use areas, information about company and production, interpretation of the results of environmental impacts and can be produced in multiple languages. Briefly, the EPDs are a summary and visually designed forms of LCA reports.

  EPD verification procedure with the company and the individual verifier are managed by our team. EPD verifiers are accredited by The EPD International EPD System or Certification bodies.

  After having received verification report signed by the verifier, EPD documents are delivered to EPD programme operator and published on programme operator’s website.

EPDs and Semtrio

SEMTRIO, provides competitive, fast and quality solutions in EPD processes.


1- Strategy Formulation

All of our clients are important to us. Before starting a project, strategy and goals of our clients are identified with the company project team. We exert to work all of our abilities in order to take the company to it goals.

2- Financial Gain

We aware of the importance of financial gains and increased cost for our cients. SEMTRIO ensures the most competitive price in market. Our goal is to meet the expectations in the end of a project.

3- Verification Warranty

So far, all of our work has gone through the certification processes with 100% percent success. We never put our clients in the grey area.

4- Communcation

SEMTRIO takes on responsibility for our projects to make its communication in global platforms and we position our clients to gain new customers in sustainability field.

5- Saving on Time

We know time is important for you. Thus, our team is capable of to meet very early deadlines.

6- Leadership

In every project, we aim that the work is a first in the World and you are one step further among other companies. Our clients success is our pleasure.

Beyond EPD

SEMTRIO perform the communication of your EPD and PR operations to all your stakeholders.

We aware…

We know more of this is demanding, therefore SEMTRIO is not only a sustainability consultancy company. Making your EPD more efficient, making a great PR and communication, making your products and services known better are our goal and we work with your customers, affiliates and stakeholders together. EPD Beyond

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